Cinco de Mayo
The hot news lately is that which our next door neighbors over in Arizona have conjured up.
We live in New Mexico and have been amazed (and in a very bad way) at the politics that has been taking place recently a few hundred miles away.
Arizona politics has been now for some time pandering to the basest and most negative aspects of its population’s politics. It has become a state that supports and encourages acts that will almost certainly lead to violent confrontations between several factions of the populace:
1. Gun owners and those that oppose them.
2. Those that support immigration reform and those who object to the Machavellian/Draconian new laws that Gov Jan Brewer signed last week.
3. Citizens who speak English (but with an accent) and citizens who claim English as their “first language” but whom one finds nearly impossible to comprehend due to their poor use and abuse of it.
Arizona is 3 for 3 lately in legislation that has left much of the country (and a great number of its own citizenry) dumbfounded at the rationale for it. The legislature and far right politicians seem to be taking several giant steps backward with regard to civil rights, privacy rights, and frankly, common sense.
While my name is admittedly of Spanish origin, I do not consider myself Hispanic. My wife however is 1/4 Mexican and still has relatives (some distant, some more immediate)who live and work in Mexico. So we are somewhat more keenly aware of just how misguided and dangerous these latest machinations of the far right are when it comes to human and civil rights
Gov. Brewer’s signing of this repugnant legislation has incensed Hispanic populations across the nation. Several cities within Arizona have filed legal challenges to it. Professional sports teams (baseball and basketball) are threatening boycotts of the state as are many, many tourists both individually and through larger organizations.
One has to wonder what these backwards thinking politicians were/are contemplating when they sat down in their back rooms and drafted these abominations of legislation.
For my part, all travel to Arizona has been suspended until these folks come to their senses. This is a shame because we have really good friends in Phoenix, and we love the state for its beautiful outdoor activities (Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, etc.)
I hope that you will join us in this boycott. Until the governor and the legislature of Arizona repeal these horrifically bad laws, the state will be losing a great deal of income and when it comes right down to it, that is probably the only way of enlightening these bozos that their world view is both antiquated and despicable.
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010