Raven’s Child
Raven's Child
Is washing the water
All of her wing-feathers
Blackened with tar
Prince William shoreline's
An unwanted highway
Of asphalt and anger
An elegant scar

The oil king sits
On his arrogant throne
Away and above and apart
Lawyers have warned him
He mustn't speak
Greed has made silent
What once was a heart

“Raven’s Child”
Lyrics by John Denver and Joe Henry
Copyright © 1989 Cherry Lane Music

Those who know me know that I was (and still am) an ardent John Denver fan. His untimely death, nearly 13 years ago hit me very hard, and even to this day, there is a musical (and socially conscious) emptiness that I have never been able to fill.

The recent (and yet another) oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico courtesy of the folks at BP has opened up that “elegant scar” once again.

Is there nothing that we can do to stem the influence of the dollar over the safety and well-being of our environment? When will we as a society rise up and say “No More! Never Again!”?

As long as we let the Tundra Tart™ and her mindless followers spew (not unlike an unplugged oil gusher in the G of M) her poisonous filth, (“Drill, Baby, Drill!) we and our environment will forever be at the mercy of these “oil kings.”

Until we as protectors of nature can stand up in great numbers to the insane rhetoric from the republican/conservative media machine, we, and particularly those living in coastal areas will have to endure the rape of our environment in the name of free enterprise and capitalism.

I am including 2 links to articles that everyone who is concerned about environmental issues should read and use as a motivation.



If you love this planet, and you hate what unrestrained, dogmatic  depletion of our natural resources and destruction of our environment is doing to the human race, do something. Write a letter to your congressperson; Join a protest march; Send the Sarah Palins of this world a message that, that they are not only catastrophically wrong in their views, but that they and their views are solely responsible for raping and molesting our environment and the people who have to live through their lack of forethought.http://wilderness.org/content/exxon-valdez-look-backhttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/05/03/exxon-valdez-victims-give_n_560624.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
Monday, May 3, 2010