Thank you, Sarah, you _________!
For the majority of my adult life, I have not been politically active. I have never officially registered with a party affiliation, and I only voted with the major elections.
2008 changed all that.
I now find myself engaging in political activities that I would never have entertained the thought of before:
1. Donating to the Democratic Party and democratic candidates.
2. Going to Democratic political rallies.
3. Placing phone calls for the Democratic causes.
And it is all due to one woman...
Sarah Palin.
I consider myself to be an average citizen. I am proud of what I have accomplished both educationally and professionally, and because of these achievements, I believe that I am also somewhat above average in intelligence, knowledge, and understanding in most things regarding the way life works.
I also consider myself to be an average male with the ability to recognize feminine beauty/good looks when appropriate and when it exists, without letting the little head think for the big head.
It should be understandable then that the medias’ (and republicans’ and teabaggers’) seemingly endless fawning over Sarah Palin and their indulgence in promoting her as a viable political entity is rather beyond my comprehension.
Everyone knows the score on her (and by this I mean the facts, not just the opinions:)
1. 5 different colleges to get a degree in journalism
2. Resigned after a year on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
3. Resigned 18 months into her tern as Governor of Alaska.
4. Scores of ethical complaints/lawsuits against her.
etc., etc.
Now for the opinion...
Sarah Palin is the most vaccuous, ill-prepared, unqualified, dangerous, spiteful, supercilious, flippant, crass, and ignorant individual to ever and unfortunately grace our political landscape.
She offers nothing in the the way of thoughtful discourse on any subjects.
She adds nothing to the conversation with her complete and utter lack of understanding let alone expertise on..well frankly any issue.
She is not that hot a babe. Sorry guys, she ok to look at , but it’s not keeping me up at night.
Her appropriately coined “word salad” is the most vivid example of her total inability to comprehend complex issues (like offshore drilling and its dangers to the environment.)
How she has risen to such a position of prominence with the Republican Party and the Teabaggers is baffling.
How she continues to score such high popularity ratings is equally mystifying.
Now for the pitch.
I will personally donate $1000 to anyone who will begin erecting billboards along the gulf coast with the image I have posted above (changing the state name as needed)
Something has got to jog the public out of its ridiculous infatuative funk regarding her.
Is anyone else out there with me on this?
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Sunday, May 2, 2010