Snow Day
What do you say to folks when greeting them at Easter and there is 6 inches of snow on the ground?
“Merry Christmas!”
So, I am a member of the Knights of Columbus. Late Friday night, I get a call from our rather desperate sounding Grand Knight asking if I can help out collecting donations for a local  education center for the developmentally challenged. “Of course I can,” I say. (Mind you when I agree to this, it is 40 degrees outside and clear.)
I wake up Saturday morning to a veritable blizzard that continues on through the day and has me standing out in a very snowy wet afternoon accepting donations and that ultimately ends late that evening with about 6 inches on the ground.
Much to the disappointment of a 7-year-old boy, the Easter Bunny is not able to hide any eggs outside and the other “hunts” around town are of course cancelled.
(E.B. did come through with some very cool Pokemon, chocolates, and LEGO® Star Wars toys, so all was well in our household.)
The real upside is that our local council of K of C collected $1826.00 for the Las Cumbres Learning Center in Española, NM. The generosity of the folks here in Los Alamos is amazing and humbling.
If you have an opportunity to help out in some way with some charitable or philanthropic group, do it. The rewards are worth any perceived inconvenience.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009